Answers at Your Fingertips

Navigating the world of site furniture can raise various questions and concerns. From customization options to delivery details, we understand you need clear information. Explore our comprehensive FAQ section below to find answers tailored to your needs, or reach out to us for personalized assistance. Envision your ideal outdoor space with confidence. Feel free to dive in!

Specific Care Instructions

Are color options limited to what is on the site?

Absolutely not! Any color that is in our hard copy catalogue is available. Custom colors are also an option, though they may carry a price increase.

Do you offer logistics?

Definitely! Local logistics are handled by our team and can be incorporated into the final sale, streamlining the process for your convenience.

Can we customize the design?

With private consultations, we can design and implement your unique features into our products. Your imagination is our blueprint.

Can we access step files?

Yes, our customers can access our design files, provided an NDA and NON COPY clause has been signed, safeguarding both your interests and ours.

Can we see items in a showroom?

Since our items are made to order, we do not have any products available for viewing. However, site visits are always available to ensure satisfaction.

Are your items made in China?

All of our products are proudly made right here in Orangeville, Ontario. Quality and craftsmanship are our priorities.

Is it worth it to add zinc coating?

We always recommend a base Zinc plating to ensure long life from our products. Zinc plating offers additional rust protection, which can be valuable depending on the location and usage of the products.

What is your warranty?

We offer a 90-day warranty against craftsmanship and a 1-year warranty for rust, standing behind the quality and durability of our products.

Each of these FAQs is tailored to address common concerns and provide clear, concise answers that reflect Envision Outdoor Solutions’ commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. If you have any specific requests for additional questions or changes to the content, please let me know!


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