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Embracing Sustainability in Site Furniture: The Role of Environmental Product Declarations

December 3, 2023

In the realm of site furniture, the conversation around sustainability and environmental impact is becoming increasingly vital. At Envision Outdoor Solutions, we recognize the importance of not only creating functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces but also ensuring that our practices and products contribute positively to the environment. This commitment is where Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) play a crucial role.

Understanding Environmental Product Declarations

EPDs are akin to nutritional labels for products, providing detailed information about the environmental impact of a product throughout its lifecycle. This includes everything from resource extraction and manufacturing to transportation, usage, and eventual disposal. By offering EPDs for our benches, bike racks, and picnic tables, we aim to give our clients transparent and credible data to make informed decisions.

The Lifecycle of Site Furniture

The lifecycle assessment captured in an EPD helps us and our clients understand the full environmental impact of our products. This process involves evaluating every stage of the product’s life, from the materials used in its construction to its durability and end-of-life recyclability. Our commitment to sustainability means continually assessing and reducing the climate footprint of our products and manufacturing processes.

Sustainable Choices for Landscape Architects and Designers

For landscape architects, designers, and contractors, sustainability is often a primary concern. Utilizing site furniture with available EPDs allows these professionals to quantify the environmental impact of their projects accurately. This practice is not only beneficial for the health of local ecosystems and the planet but also aids in achieving credits for certification schemes like LEED®, SITES®, Green Globes™, and BREEAM®.

Envision Outdoor Solutions’ Commitment to Sustainability

Our investment in sustainability goes beyond providing EPDs. It’s about embedding eco-friendly practices into every aspect of our business. From selecting materials that are both durable and environmentally sound to optimizing our manufacturing processes for minimal ecological impact, we are dedicated to being a sustainable company. This approach aligns with our vision of contributing positively to the communities and environments where our products are placed.

The Future of Eco-Friendly Site Furniture

Looking ahead, the role of EPDs in site furniture selection will only grow in importance. As the industry moves towards greater transparency and accountability, these declarations will become a standard part of the decision-making process for environmentally conscious projects. At Envision Outdoor Solutions, we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement, offering products that not only meet the functional and aesthetic needs of our clients but also align with their environmental values.

In conclusion, the integration of Environmental Product Declarations in site furniture selection marks a significant step towards more sustainable practices in the industry. At Envision Outdoor Solutions, we are committed to this journey, ensuring that our products contribute to creating beautiful, functional, and environmentally responsible outdoor spaces. By choosing our products, clients can be confident in their contribution to a more sustainable future. Contact us today for more information.