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made in canada

Envision is an all-in-one supplier, proudly crafting site furniture in Ontario. No middlemen, just pure Canadian ingenuity, quality, and exclusive customization.


Top Quality Materials

Envision crafts furniture using only the finest materials, blending durability with style for outdoor spaces that thrive. Your assurance of lasting elegance.


no middlemen

Buy directly from Envision Outdoor Solutions for fair pricing, quicker delivery, and a personalized experience. Your vision crafted with precision and care.


who we are

Crafting Your Outdoor Vision

Envision Outdoor Solutions is more than a manufacturer; we’re visionaries in site furniture, a family-owned operation where creativity meets quality.

Based in Ontario, we design, manufacture, and customize products tailored to your needs, offering the exclusive touch of local craftsmanship. Discover our story, our passion, and the Envision difference.

This section encapsulates the essence of Envision Outdoor Solutions, with a call to explore further, enticing the visitor to click and learn more about the brand’s unique offerings and story. Let me know if this aligns with your vision or if any revisions are needed!

Exceptional Outdoor Solutions

Explore Envision’s range of meticulously crafted site furniture, designed to elevate city parks, commercial spaces, and public areas. Find the perfect blend of aesthetics, durability, and functionality to complete your next project.

Banner Arms
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In the world of urban aesthetics and branding, banner arms hold a special place.
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Park benches are more than just a place to sit; they are an essential part of both urban and natural landscapes.
Bike Racks
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In the era of green and sustainable living, bicycles have become more than a means of transportation; they symbolize a lifestyle, a conscious choice to contribute to a cleaner environment.
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Bollards are more than just a traffic control measure; they are an indispensable piece of site furniture, playing a crucial role in safety, aesthetics, and utility.
Garbage Cans
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Garbage cans are one of the most overlooked yet vital components of outdoor spaces.
Picnic Tables
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Outdoor spaces are designed to bring people together, offering comfort and a sense of community.
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Planters, though often overlooked, are the silent sculptors of the urban landscape, turning concrete jungles into oases of green serenity.


quick quote process

With Envision’s Quick Quote System, obtaining a quote for your perfect site furniture is just a few clicks away. Experience a seamless and efficient process tailored to your needs.

  1. Select a Product: Choose from the products menu.
  2. Click Quick Quote: Find this on any Product page.
  3. Configure Your Choices: Pick materials, installation, and add options.
  4. Adjust Quantities & Products: Change numbers, add new products, save, download, or review
  5. Submit Your Request: For a formal quote including taxes and delivery, along with a 3D rendering to preview your material, logo and color selections.

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